Elizabeth Leland

Landscape Architect

Though my work has been honored by publications like Better Homes and Gardens and Architectural Digest, my beginning in the field was significantly more humble. Even as a child, living in the Valley-adjacent suburb of North Hollywood, our gardens always inspired me and played an important role in my life and my imagination.  Our home had several garden spaces that served as the preferred playgrounds for our family, and all the kids in the neighborhood.  One of my favorite spots was the “jungle”, where we played army men and dug trenches that flowed with hose water through succulents and tropical plants. I still have vividly emotional memories of swinging with abandon from a long rope tied to the huge branches of a Carob tree in the front yard.

Years later I began to draw colorful plans of castles complete with gardens, stables, ponds and pathways, all created from my imagination.  I spent my weekends in art classes practicing my artistic skills.

During my college years in Santa Rosa, I became more seriously interested in gardens and started designing vegetable gardens for friends.  At this time, I discovered the profession of Landscape Architecture. I transferred to Utah State and finished my undergraduate degree with a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture and a Fine Art Minor, in 1984.

I worked in Los Angeles, and later in Orange County, for offices that primarily dealt with home builders, until I landed a job with the legendary L.A. Fred Lang in Laguna Beach. All the while, I was studying for my Landscape Architects license and cultivating my own group of clients but I continued to work with Fred and Ann Christoph, and learn as much as I could – not only about Landscape Architecture, but about running a business, too. I decided it was time to put all the pieces together. By 1994, the studio had become so successful that I was able to go out on my own.

I’m so fortunate to be able to fuse my artistic talents with my love of gardens and the great outdoors. The satisfaction of creating a company that gives people unique outdoor places to enjoy with family and friends gives my life true meaning and purpose.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to working with you, and making something beautiful that will bring you joy for years to come.